Adventure Searcher Special

Adventure Searcher Special

Customizable packages are available to cater all needs.:
De-stress - Fun - Out of the ordinary experience - Teamwork
We specialise in team building activities.

We organise events intended for integration of its participants. Activities planned by us improve cooperation and communication within a team. All of this in the beautiful surroundings of mountains and nature.

Bonfires and picnics
Have you ever thought about a bonfire at the top of a mountain?
Or maybe a picnic in excellent weather.
We organise all of that!
Surrounded by breathtaking views one would have a wonderful opportunity to relax and enjoy the beauty of Polish mountain landscapes.

Rope Park
Adventure in a Rope Park - the centre of extreme entertainment. There are 5 various and remastered tours of diversified difficulty. Perfect for anyone who is eager to face new experience. Haven't you ever wanted to be like Tarzan swinging through the jungle? Overcome the obstacles that you will face while discovering our trails.

We invite all of those who are ready for some excitement. It is not physical strength, speed or dexterity of a commando but the intelligence, skill to examine a situation in the fastest way and to make the right choices. Teamwork is the most important of them all. This is why paintball is so popular of our team building activities. It helps to select a leader of a group, teaches how to communicate in the most effective way and how to integrate a team. It's also a great way to unwind and relieve stress. Paintball is also a safe way to play with others.
Off Road and Quads
Lots of emotions and adrenaline to drive off-road. You start with some instructions on the route. When you are ready, you get in a car and move towards your destination. An instructor support beside the driver. You can drive a NISSAN PATROL GR or JEEP CHEROKEE XJ. They are perfectly adapted for driving on roads in such difficult conditions. You will traverse through a mountain area, fields and glades. The routes are characterized with unforgettable views. Any next expedition is followed by amazing experience. Participants will take turns driving the vehicle. There are two requirements to take part in driving - a valid driving licence and sobriety. A large number of mountain vehicles available. Each car seats an instructor and 4 participants.

An archery can only be taken by qualified person. There is a net for protection and separate stands and lanes for individuals where only one person can shoot. You can choose among: English bow, sports bow, compound bow.

Integration Events
We organize group games that integrate and bring people together. You can choose among 10 team building activities. They create cooperation and guarantee lots of fun.

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